BIAZA Photography Competition
Mark Eastment

BIAZA Photography Competition

This year’s BIAZA photography competition is a little different. Everyone knows zoos and aquariums do amazing work conserving species such as elephants and tigers, but fewer people know about the incredible work zoos and aquariums do for the lesser known and overlooked species, and how this conservation plays out!  The 2022 BIAZA Photography competition ‘Unsung Creatures’ will be all about shining a light on these more unusual subjects, in order to raise the profile and understanding of overlooked wildlife.

This year's BIAZA Photography Competition is kindly sponsored by Timberplay

Photos must have been taken within the past two years. For categories 1-3, photos must have been taken by staff members or volunteers of a BIAZA member institution. Category 4 is open to the general public as well as staff/volunteers from BIAZA members. Categories 1-3 are not open to external professional photographers sub-contracted in to take pictures for a BIAZA member zoo or aquarium.


  1. Weird Winged creatures - We want your photos to tell us a story of the unusual animals that take to the skies, from brightly coloured birds to insects at threat of extinction.


  1. Unloved land-lovers - Send in your photos of the unsung creatures that live on land, from tortoises to civets, tree-dwelling primates to scurrying rodents.


  1. Abnormal & aquatic - Illuminate the life of the lesser-known aquatic animals that make the water their home.


  1. Unsung Creatures - This category is open to the general public and can showcase any rarer and lesser-known plants and animals who call a BIAZA member zoo or aquarium home.


Thinking of an animal that fits in more than one category? No problem! Choose a category and send in your pictures.



Please use the instruction guide to help you with your submission.  

- Entries must be submitted via the following forms:

              BIAZA Photo Competition Public Category

              BIAZA Photo Competition – Staff and Volunteers Categories 1-3

 - Please ensure that you complete all information in order to submit your entry form. Images that are submitted must be titled ‘YourName-PhotoName-Collection’

Entry forms missing information will not be submitted to the judges

Submissions must be sent in by no later than 5pm Sunday 6 March. For any queries, please contact Frankie


Photo Competition Documents


timberplay sponsorship


Timberplay are kindly sponsoring the BIAZA Photography Competition for 2022. You can find out more about them here.